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Join The Women's Association

We are expanding our work and increasing our impact on girls and women. We have some exciting projects to share and we look forward to working with more companies, women and girls along our way. 

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Our Founding & Corporate Members are passionate about achieving long-lasting change for women and girls through the power of community.

Through their membership they:
1. Invest in the development of new and diverse talent by giving them access to leaders and the workplace

2. Support The Women's Association's work with schools to diversify the curriculum to better support girls as they grow and transition into womanhood

3. Support the development of existing talent by listening to and amplifying women's stories
4. Enable their female staff to be part of a community outside of work that supports their personal and professional journey.

5. Support other organisations to also make change by making the insights we get from our research available to everyone

Corporate Membership

The Executive Challenge

The Executive Challenge is our flagship program that connects young girls with corporates, giving girls an insight and connection into world of work.


The program runs over a period of a year and comprises 3 core elements namely

1 )  One to one interviews for each participant with corporate executives

2 )  A six month one to one virtual mentorship

3 )  A three day team experience challenge at the corporate sponsor organisation.

For The Woman

We have launched the third annual ‘For The Woman’ campaign, joining forces with 5 companies to spotlight women across the workforce.

‘We’re extremely proud partners of The Women’s Association and I am thrilled to see so many inspiring Alfa women feature in their 2023 campaign for International Women’s Day. At Alfa we’re working hard to foster a supportive working environment for women, whatever their role and wherever they are in the business. The work never stops but we are committed to learning and improving, setting an example to others in our sector, and enabling women to dream freely and succeed in all the forms that success might take.’ -

Andrew Denton, CEO at Alfa Financial Software

As seen in

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We work with girls and young women 12-20 years old.

We focus on barriers to entry into the workplace for girls and young women, especially those from marginalised communities. We also focus on building a community of girls that inspire, empower and support each other.

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We connect women through our events, campaigns and roundtables. We use the power of campaigning and community to tackle the barriers we often place on ourselves that can hold us back from creating the life of our dreams like imposter syndrome, lack of confidence etc.

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