The Executive Challenge

The Executive Challenge connects girls from under-represented communities with corporates to give them an insight and connection into the world of work.  The Executive Challenge runs over a period of a year and comprises 3 core elements namely 1) 1:1 meetings for each girl with corporate Executives; 2)  A six month 1:1 virtual mentorship; and 3) a three day team experience challenge at the corporate sponsor organisation.

Our Goal by 2023 is to have impacted 400 girls





Bella Vuillermoz

Group Director of Operations, Sky

"It helps women as individuals to unlock their potential. It helps organisations access more diverse talent which leads to more diversity of ideas which leads to better outcomes for business and their customers. Finally, it’s important for society as a whole because we know – because the research tells us time and time again – if you invest in enabling and empowering women, then society as a whole and everyone in it benefits. So, it’s win, win, win for me”


Toby Jenner

Global CEO, Wavemaker

" I think the ability to hear from, listen to, and be inspired by the girls is too good an opportunity to turn down. The conversation I just had was like reverse mentoring, it's fantastic"


Sayeh Ghanbari

UK&I Business Consulting Leader, EY

“It gives an opportunity to have a conversation between two people who otherwise wouldn’t have crossed paths. Sometimes, those little connections can make such big difference. I would have quite happily sat here and chatted with Beni most evening”


Haya Satwani

15 years old

"I think having access is amazing because I can gain so much experience and I’ve never done anything like this before. Whenever we find out about opportunities in school that are supposed to help us in our career they are always so expensive, so then I feel when it comes to university, if they don’t see more experience in my application then I won’t be chosen but they’re so expensive and it is so unfair. The fact that you have thought about what us girls need is so helpful and I’m so grateful for this experience."

Beni's Profile Picture (2).jpg

Beni Iviara

18 years old

“I don’t think I ever would have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for this project. It’s quite scary when you’re going to speak with an executive of a company, but it kind of makes you realise that they’re people themselves. I’m less nervous now to go into a workplace and talk to an executive or someone in a really high position – it makes me realise they’re people as well”

Isabella Fom (new) (2).jpg

Isabella Fom

15 years old

“It gives others and myself the opportunity to get more of an insight into the world of work which we don’t necessarily get at school, because school is very education based. If more executives get involved it would help to inspire more girls to do what they want to do in the future and encourage them to do that because – like I know Bella was talking about the amount if women in industries is very small – if more are encouraged to then it can change in the future”