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We are expanding our work and increasing our impact on girls and women. We have some exciting projects to share and we look forward to working with more companies, women and girls along our way. 


"For The Woman" Campaign 

“For The Woman” spotlights individuals’ realities to ensure women and girls are designing a future that they dream of. Underpinned by dreaming, something which transcends generations and is relatable for young girls, “For The Woman” gives people who identify as women the freedom to dream without feeling they must get to the top. These women embody the notion that dreams do not have to conform to someone else’s idea of success.

Ocean Outdoor Group CEO Tim Bleakley said: “Mentoring and inspiring young people and women aligns with Ocean’s mission to create better awareness about what defines success. There is no better medium to deliver such an important message which is why we are happy to support this campaign.”    

If you would like to put yourself forward  for Series 4, click the button below.

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Our Events are created to give women and girls the forum to discuss, explore and learn from our speakers and from each other. Our event topics range from Women and work, Black women's emotional wellbeing, financial literacy to social media and the affect on girls' mental health. 



It's no secret that the current systems in the workplace aren't working for women. We are not interested in telling women how to navigate a broken system, we want to change the system. 


Our Roundtables will give women a space to share their experiences specifically in the workplace so that we can work with leaders and corporates to create an infrastructure that works for women. 

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We work with girls and young women 12-20 years old.

We focus on barriers to entry into the workplace for girls and young women, especially those from marginalised communities. We also focus on building a community of girls that inspire, empower and support each other.

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We develop insights to reveal the systemic barriers that hold women and girls back and we support businesses and schools with actions to create change.

Our focus is on investing in/developing talent, improving workplace culture that supports women and bringing together, women, girls and leaders

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