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Harnessing the collective power of girls, women and leaders so that together, we can make the dreams of women and girls a reality


Project Phoenix exists to empower girls aged 15-18 who are battling with the destructive impact that social media has on their mental health.


Our mission is to provide a safe space for self-discovery, free from the pressures of social media, fostering mutual empowerment within a like-minded community. Project Phoenix carries a deep symbolism of rebirth and renewal which reflects the process that the girls are going to undergo, shedding negative influences, rising from challenges, and emerging stronger and more resilient, with the understanding that they are amazing just as they are.

The project will consist of 3 events, but the main event is a 5-dav retreat which will serve as a beacon of hope for the girls amid the relentless pursuit of perfection perpetuated by social media. In this offline retreat, girls will get the chance to rediscover their true selves without virtual expectations. This retreat will empower them to rebuild their self-esteem, and confidence, and reaffirm their self-worth.


Our goal is to raise £175,000 to bring Project Phoenix to life in 2024. and impact 500 girls.


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Here's how you can Get Involved with The Women's Association


We work with girls and young women 12-20 years old.

We focus on barriers to entry into the workplace for girls and young women, especially those from marginalised communities. We also focus on building a community of girls that inspire, empower and support each other.


We connect women through our events, campaigns and roundtables. We use the power of campaigning and community to tackle the limitations we often place on ourselves that can hold us back from creating the life of our dreams like imposter syndrome, lack of confidence etc.

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We develop insights to reveal the systemic barriers that hold women and girls back and we support businesses and schools with actions to create change.

Our focus is on investing in/developing talent, improving workplace culture that supports women and bringing together, women, girls and leaders

For The Woman Campaign, Series 3 out now

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Founding Members

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“This partnership is close to all of our hearts at McCann. We all talk about investing in the next generation of female talent but that starts well before recruitment. We have to work with girls and young women to understand what they want out of a career today and how we as business leaders can build an environment that is safe and inspiring for all. It is a privilege to be working with The Women’s Association. Exciting times ahead.”

Previous Chief Client Officer, McCann

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Registration for our 2024 cohort of The Executive Challenge is open

If you are a girl aged 15-19 you can get access and insight into the world of work through The Executive Challenge

The Executive Challenge is our flagship program. We work predominantly with young women from underrepresented backgrounds, giving them access into the working environment through Access to leadership, Mentoring and Work Experience

Companies signed up for The Executive Challenge 2023

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