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Welcome to The Women's Association


In school, at home, at work and in society, there are many factors that can affect our ability to
dream freely

"Your duty as a woman is to be a mother," "bring money into the home but not more than your husband," "work hard, but stay in your lane," "dream big, but avoid male dominated industries, it's not for girls," the list could go on.

So, sometimes, we find ours dreams are created as a result of the expectations imposed on women.

Our mission is to reveal and remove the barriers that prevents women and girls from having the freedom to dream and to shine a light on the power that exists within us that we forget sometimes.

To do this we need to make sure that we give women physical and emotional support. Whilst working with schools and organisations to make sure that the environments are conducive for us to create and fulfil our dreams.

We believe the key is in collective action. Because of this, we use various methods to bring together women, girls, companies and schools. 
Together we can make sure that every woman and girl has the
freedom to dream.

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Sign Up to Join our Community

Welcome to The Women's Association

For The Woman Campaign, Series 3 out now

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Here's how you can Get Involved with The Women's Association


If you are 12-21 years old Click Here to find out ways you can get involved.

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Connect with other women through our events and roundtables, get involved in our campaign and gain access to career opportunities

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Gain insights into the experiences of women and girls, get access to diverse female talent and support our goal of increasing the visibility of women

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Founding Members

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“This partnership is close to all of our hearts at McCann. We all talk about investing in the next generation of female talent but that starts well before recruitment. We have to work with girls and young women to understand what they want out of a career today and how we as business leaders can build an environment that is safe and inspiring for all. It is a privilege to be working with The Women’s Association. Exciting times ahead.”

Previous Chief Client Officer, McCann

Registration for our 2023 cohort of The Executive Challenge is open

If you are a girl aged 12-20 you can get access and insight into the world of work through The Executive Challenge

The Executive Challenge is our flagship program. We work predominantly with young women from underrepresented backgrounds, giving them access into the working environment through Access to leadership, Mentoring and Work Experience

Companies signed up for The Executive Challenge 2023

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