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We exist to remove barriers preventing women from creating the life of their dreams

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We stand at a critical juncture in history,  where the  dreams  of women and girls are immense, yet a substantial gap persists between these  aspirations  and our actual achievements.


Social norms and stereotypes have been a formidable force in creating this gap which ultimately shapes the world in which women navigate. Women are expected to be nurturing, gentle, and compliant, often at the expense of their  dreams  and women often face criticism for being too ambitious or too assertive.


In addition, systemic barriers, embedded within our institutions and workplaces, are perhaps the most insidious force in creating this gap. Pay gaps, lack of representation in leadership roles, and limited access to resources all hinder women's progress.


The gap between our  aspiration  and achievement is not an inevitable part of our world; it is a product of human choices and systems. As such, 'The Women’s Association' exists to reveal the root cause of this gap, so that we can start to close it. We believe that it is imperative to work together as a society, as leaders, and as parents, to foster an inclusive, equitable, and empowered future.

One where women and girls’  aspirations  are not just  dreams  but tangible realities.


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Our approach to closing the aspiration-achievement gap

We focus specifically on enabling access to dreams for girls and women in
Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM)


Challenge Inequalities

Challenging inequalities involves not only recognising barriers but actively taking steps to level the playing field.


 As such we have created projects that not only gives women access to new spaces and opportunities but we also support them in navigating these  opportunities as their authentic self.


Remove Barriers

Removing barriers for women and girls is essential for fostering a more equitable, just, and prosperous society. Unlocking the full potential of half the population benefits the world as a whole. 


As a result, we have created a series of programs that address some of the barriers preventing women and girls from achieving their dreams.


Build Communities

Addressing systemic inequalities often requires collective action. Building communities is an important approach that enables us to provide a support system for women and girls to find solidarity, pool resources and share opportunities. It’s also a space where business leaders can share experiences, knowledge and learnings that can support them with creating a more level playing field for women.


Meet our CEO

  Deborah B. Williams  

"Together, we will inspire change, ignite hope, and leave a legacy for generations to come."

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"I challenge you all to join us and be part of this change. To recognize the barriers, to speak out against injustice, and to actively work to eliminate them. Support women and girls in your life, mentor and uplift them. Encourage them to be unapologetically ambitious. Celebrate their successes and stand with them in the face of adversity.


If we come together and close the aspirations-achievement gap we will create a world where dreams are not confined to our hearts but flourish in the open, unrestricted by gender or prejudice.


Together, we will inspire change, ignite hope, and leave a legacy for generations to come."

Our partners include

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Our Advisors.

Our advisors are made up of leaders within the STEAM (science, tech, engineering, arts and maths) industries who provide strategic support with The WA's vision and mission

“This partnership is close to all of our hearts at McCann. We all talk about investing in the next generation of female talent but that starts well before recruitment. We have to work with girls and young women to understand what they want out of a career today and how we as business leaders can build an environment that is safe and inspiring for all. It is a privilege to be working with The Women’s Association. Exciting times ahead.”

McCann London

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