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by The Women's Association

We are working with organisations and leaders to ensure that every girl has the information, access, and support to navigate her path equitably and authentically from education to  employment, transforming her aspirations into tangible realities.


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For The Girls gala is a celebration of unity, empowerment, and support for young girls. The gala is dedicated entirely to celebrating and uplifting girls, their achievements, and their potential. It serves as a tribute to the community that is coming together to make a difference in their lives.


The gala is not just an event, it's a space to honour girls' potential, share stories of empowerment, and gather resources to support their growth. The gala is a bridge between the broader community and the specific goals of "Project Phoenix."

From speaking to many girls over the last 2 years, we've understood that one of the barriers that impact their dreams is low self-esteem/confidence. One of the biggest factors they've cited that affects their self-esteem/confidence currently is social media.


As social media is such a prominent part of society we can’t stop girls from engaging but we can change how they engage.


Project Phoenix" carries a deeper symbolism of rebirth and renewal. It reflects the process that the girls are going to undergo—shedding negative influences, rising from challenges, and emerging stronger and more resilient.

By nurturing resilient, compassionate, and empowered young girls, businesses contribute to creating a generation of confident and capable individuals who will become leaders, innovators, and contributors to society

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The Executive Challenge connects girls from under-represented communities with corporates to give them an insight and connection into the world of work. 

he Executive Challenge runs over a period of a year and comprises 3 core elements namely

Working at home


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Sharon Whale

CEO Global Markets & Operations

Oliver Agency

"I think it can be easy for young women, especially young Black women and other women of colour to feel othered and not good enough, so it’s important for me to carry on educating myself but it’s also important to provide support and allyship to young women. This project helps young women develop a sense of self and it helps them develop their ambition and not be afraid of it. - Sometimes you just need the access."

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Jon Clark

EMEIA Oil & Gas Strategy and Transactions Leader


"If I was 15 again I would love to have access to something like this. I have a 10-year old daughter and I’d love for her to have access to this. Just to learn all the different jobs that are out there is really valuable. I want young women to know that all of these people out there with important sounding jobs are just human beings.: 

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Ruth Leas



"I would have loved the opportunity to meet with someone and see how human they are when I was younger. This is a great opportunity to talk to someone and understand the personal side of business, it’s also very inspiring to talk to young people. I very much support the whole ethos of The Executive Challenge."

Stella McCartney - The Executive Challenge

Stella McCartney - The Executive Challenge

About The Women's Association The Women’s Associations exists to reveal and remove barriers that prevent women and girls from having the freedom to dream or the tools to create authentically. We do this by revealing the barriers, creating an ecosystem of support for women and girls, and working with organisations and leaders to build an infrastructure for change. About Stella McCartney Stella McCartney is a luxury lifestyle brand that was launched under the designer’s name in 2001. It emboldens confident femininity with elevated yet effortless, conscious fashion. The brand is committed to being an ethical and modern company, believing it is responsible for the resources it uses and the impact it has on the environment. It is therefore constantly innovating new ways to become more sustainable, from designing to store practices and product manufacturing. As a lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney never uses any leather, feathers, fur or skins in any products for both ethical and environmental reasons – pioneering a movement for the use of alternative materials. Supporting regenerative agriculture and circularity, the brand is embracing new business models that will transform how clothes are sourced, produced, sold, shared, repaired and reused, promoting long-lasting products with extended use to reduce environmental impact.   Today, Stella McCartney spans women’s ready to wear, unisex capsules, kids’ clothing, accessories, swimwear, lingerie, a performance wear collaboration with adidas, STELLA skincare and more – with 48 directly owned stores and 21 franchise stores across New York City, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing. Our collections are now sold in 77 nations through 863 specialty shops and department stores, and ship to 100 countries via online.


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The Cannes Challenge is a program exists to invest in new and existing female talent within the creative industry that addresses various aspects of professional and personal development for women. 


“The Cannes Lions is the world’s biggest playground for creativity and has long been a source of inspiration for creatives and creative folk. With the Cannes Challenge we are aiming to open it up to aspiring creatives and those looking to move into a creative business, who wouldn’t ordinarily get the opportunity to attend. The Executive Challenge earlier this year was a powerful reminder that our future is in safe hands with the brilliant minds coming through, and Polly, Rob, Lol and I are looking forward to spending more time with and being inspired by more up and coming talent.”

Jemima Monies - COO of McCann London



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The Collective Circle is a space for executives to come together quarterly to share learnings and offer peer-to-peer support guided by thought leaders and coaching professionals.


We will bring together leaders across industries to create a cycle of support for each other as you all work towards creating an equitable world for women and girls.

Business Meeting


  • Employee Engagement: Working with us enables you to effectively educate people in your business about the need for equality for women by creating opportunities of engagement for all of your employees.


  • D&I support: We support your efforts around inclusion, taking the bulk of the work required to manage these projects whilst enabling you to still have an impact.


  • B corp certified: For companies who are B corp certified or who are on the journey to becoming certified the collective directly supports you to fulfil the criteria because you can demonstrate that through our collective you are making a positive impact on employees, client/customers and the wider community. 


  • Attracting talent: You will enhance your company’s reputation for promoting diversity in the workplace: which will help attract a greater diversity of talent into your workforce and ensure that you are not simply paying lip-service to the concept of diversity.


  • Transparency & Accessibility: You will increase the transparency and accessibility of your organisation to girls and women, especially those from lower-socio economic backgrounds, which can help diversify your talent pool


  • Insights and Learnings: There are many learning opportunities where you get to hear from girls, women and other organisations/leaders. These opportunities help you in creating a truly inclusive company for women.

  • Commitment to CSR: By aligning with The Women's Association, businesses demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility and the empowerment of young girls

  • Investment: Joining the Collective is an investment in a brighter, more inclusive future, positively impacting society and contributing to the long-term success of businesses by fostering a generation of empowered and compassionate individuals.


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