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The world is at its best when every Woman

can make their DREAms

a reality.

Through The Women's Association, you'll get access to new opportunities for growth, you'll connect with like-minded women and you will be empowered to bring your whole self to every environment you choose to be in.




Since 2020 we have launched a campaign series that spotlights women from different backgrounds and in different roles to ensure women and girls are designing a future that they dream of.
Underpinned by dreaming, something which transcends generations and is relatable for young girls, “For The Woman” gives women the freedom to dream without feeling they must get to the top. The women in this campaign embody the notion that dreams do not have to conform to someone else’s idea of success.

We are pausing this campaign in 2024 and we will keep you updated with our next steps


Ocean Outdoor Group CEO Tim Bleakley said: “Mentoring and inspiring young people and women aligns with Ocean’s mission to create better awareness about what defines success. There is no better medium to deliver such an important message which is why we are happy to support this campaign.”    

Tim Bleakley - Group CEO of Ocean Outdoor Group


The Cannes Challenge different.png

 The Cannes Challenge winners will be given the chance to connect with creatives, learn from experts and inspire creative leaders with new insights. 


During the Cannes Lions Festival; the winners will connect with experienced creatives and agency leaders in a meaningful way to help them as they develop their careers/aspirations. They will have also have access to wider opportunities through The Women’s Association’s partners, including The Female Quotient, See it Be it and other companies across the creative industry. 


Meet The 2023 cohort


Photographed: Mary-Grace Oludoyi, Alizee Lawson, Deborah Williams, Harley-Jo Avery and Narah Millanaise

Thank you not only for bringing us to Cannes and connecting us to some incredible creative minds, but mainly for your continued support along the way. I pushed myself far from my comfort zone because you made a safe space for us all as part of the TWA. You engrained in us that we have value, and we have boundaries that you would help us enforce if it was to ever get too much. My experience wouldn’t have been the same without your guidance, knowledge, and care. 


I thought I understood the benefits of winning this challenge when I answered our submission questionnaire, but I only scratched the surface. The experience has left me re-evaluating my idea of the future in the most inspiring way. The ceiling for my aspirations has become redundant. 


The entire week was free enough to give us room to build confidence navigating this opportunity as adults but structured enough to focus our attention and get the most out of this experience as possible. Words escape me when I think about the incredible spaces you organised for us, the lunches, the talks, the meetings at FQ. They were completely invaluable.

Harley-Jo Avery

Mid-weight Graphic Designer at McCann London



Our Events are created to give women and girls the forum to discuss, explore and learn from our speakers and from each other. Our event topics range from Women and work, Black women's emotional wellbeing, financial literacy to social media and the affect on girls' mental health. 

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